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Friday, May 04, 2007
  Moving to Wordpress It's been a bit quiet on the Bubble Brothers blog this week because we've been absorbed in preparations to move to Wordpress, hosted on the Bubble Brothers website. I must thank Richard Hearne for urging us to do this, and I hope I don't have too many damn fool questions for him as a result. Shouldn't do, when his inspiring review of our blog in SEO terms was so thorough, and his advice so lucid.

I must also thank Robert Nowak, our resident IT architect and repairman, for effecting the move and making it seem so easy. None of the rest of us could have begun to do this.

On Saturday I'll try to make the final adjustments that will allow me to fire up the new location and leave the Blogger address as a redirection message.

A jolly bank holiday weekend to you all, and see yis over on Wordpress next week.

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