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Monday, January 15, 2007
  Splash! in the coffee The wretched new Blogger is so greedy for cookies, it has just snarfed my first attempt at this post without so much as a burp of thanks. So here, without any of the loving care of version one, it is.

We sell the excellent Cork-roasted coffees of John Gowan, and drink them ourselves.

We also sell something to go with that cup of coffee: delicious, soft, yielding but not quite chewy, honey+hazelnut+almond, not the explosively brittle hard kind, amaretti, which come to us via, but not from, our suppliers of Moscato d'Asti (another ideal beverage complement), Borgo Maragliano. Here they are, and I know there's nothing about this video that couldn't be improved; you don't need to tell me:

Pastries and coffee infallibly remind me of Slim Gaillard's Dunkin' Bagel, of which, if you've a mind to, you can hear a snatch here, at Amazon.

I am warming up to a little post on 'five things you don't know about me', as encouraged by Kieran at Ice Cream Ireland, by mentioning that I once played a gig with Slim. He called me his drum buddy - so much hipper than pretending to need to learn each pick-up band member's name - and the whole thing was a crazy privilege.

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